Planning & Control & Dimensioning

Convenient design maximum efficiency!

Our company, which start out with the awareness that maximum efficiency will be achieved with proper work, attaches great importance to control, planning and dimensioning processes.

In the planning process, Aselmak Maden determines the methods and machines to be used by analyzing the region where underground works will be carried out, and thus offers high effective solutions in the shortest time.

In addition, our company acts with the awareness that knowledge is the greatest power and carries out methodical dimensioning studies. Aselmak Maden Limited Sirketi maintains this process which it started off before the works, during and at the end of the work, and keeps the production and safety efficiency at the highest level with fast decision-making mechanisms by accurately interpreting the data provided by its regular flow.

Aselmak Maden also carries out all these processes in a controlled manner, based on the fact that high quality business process execution is a whole from safety to efficiency. Our company, which carries out chronological auditing activities from the beginning to the end, makes it a habit of the life safety of its employees, the sustainability of nature and obtaining qualified results.