Human Resources Policy

Merit and justice bring success.

The most important resource for our company is its employees who strive for their work with devotion under all conditions. For this reason, Aselmak Maden has set its Human Resources Policy on providing the continuous development of human resources and ensuring that each personnel feels as a member of a large and strong family.

Our company conducts a recruitment process in which employment resources from the mining area and nearby settlements are evaluated. Accordingly, after the characteristics of the required personnel are clearly and transparently determined, priority is given to the people living in these areas, and then the applications of candidates from other surrounding residential areas are evaluated. In case suitable candidates can not be found, candidates respectively from district, province and the neighboring provinces and throughout Turkey are considered.

  • Working by adding value to people with the awareness that the fundamental value is human,
  • Creating happy and connected human resources that create added value,
  • Establishing transparent communication in parallel with internal and honest relations,
  • Supporting our innovative, solution-generating employees,
  • Making a difference through our fast, result-oriented and flexible approach,
  • Encouraging employees who constantly improve themselves in order to reach our goals and create a sustainable working environment,
  • Protecting the environment and natural resources with an environmentally sensitive approach and spreading this awareness among all employees,
  • Implementing the employment policy with the priority of developing the region where the company is always located.

constitutes the indispensable elements of Aselmak's Human Resources Policy.