Above standards…

Aselmak Maden Limited Şirketi carries out studies on identifying industrial raw materials and bringing them to economy, and contributes to Turkey's growth with profitable investments. It is made by combining the appropriate strategy and providing added value to the economy.

Conducting these activities in Lead, Zinc Underground Mining Plant in Balıkesir Balya with ESAN Endüstriyel Hammaddeler A.Ş as of 2009, our company continues to work in accordance with the expectations of the market by following the developments in the sector closely.

Trying to have a leading position in the sector as of its establishment, Aselmak Maden provides quality by conducting large engineering projects with its experienced management department, strong financial background and expert employees, who are the greatest value of our company, and goes beyond following the world standards in innovation and develop these standards.


Service standards in mining are
determined by Aselmak