Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Aselmak Maden Limited Sirketi carries out occupational health and safety processes with a conscious employee and conscious employer understanding in order to ensure the safety of its employees, who have the biggest share in its growth. With this understanding, our company:

  • Pays attention to the compliance of its occupational health and safety environmental activities with legal regulations and company standards, and aims to regulate these processes in a sustainable and continuous development manner. In this way, plays an active role in creating and spreading an occupational health and safety culture in its employees.
  • Always determines the dangers that may come to the environment and human health in advance and takes the necessary measures in order to achieve its goals.
  • Aims to ensure the development and implementation of effective preparedness and response systems for emergencies, and to reach the number of zero "0" accidents by minimizing the dangers and risks that may occur.
  • Due to the fact that employee health is one of its top priorities, continuously performs periodic health checks for our employees.
  • Within the framework of occupational health and safety, provides all the necessary equipment (PPE, etc.) to comply with all the rules, to prevent themselves and other employees from being exposed to work accidents during the work, and provides personnel training effectively and regularly.
  • Aims to protect its employees from their negative effects in the workplace, to ensure they work in a comfortable and safe environment, to protect them against occupational diseases and to establish their spiritual and bodily integrity.